Tweepwise wants to (legitimately) boost your Twitter count



Monkey Island went live this weekend with a new social media app called Tweepwise that aims to increase your Twitter follower count in a way that’s actually consistent with Twitter’s TOS.

At its core, Tweepwise acts as a discovery tool by recommending new accounts to follow based on keywords and geographies with the premise that following someone often times results in a returned follow. Nothing groundbreaking here, but — managing who you’ve followed before, who has followed you back, who follows other handles, selective list following, and even suggesting who to unfollow — is the collective value proposition.

Co founder Josh Becerra says that the $19.95 per account monthly price point is appealing to agencies and social media ninjas.

“It’s about scale…think about the deliverable of managing and growing numerous Twitter accounts for a living,” Becerra posits. “And having reciprocal relationships on Twitter are better for engagement and ROI on social media spend.”  Early paying customers like Seraphim, WebiMax and Get You Found are all about it.

“Tweepwise is a responsible and effective alternative to the “get followers fast” apps that undermine the ecosystem,” Becerra reiterates, noting the plethora of rogue apps with an uncertain future. “We’re embracing the “get followers slow” belief  that quality supersedes quantity.  A smaller but more engaged follower community is healthier for a profile and for Twitter’s ecosystem as a whole.”


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