Beetle Fight ships Bus Brain mobile app


Bus Brain Beetle Fight recently released Bus Brain v1.1, an iOS app providing departure information for Metro Transit bus routes serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding suburbs.

For 99c and a few finger swipes, commuters can view nearby stops based on location, search 10,000+ bus stops by route number or street name, and view the next set of departures for any stop.

The company came together back in May 2010 around their first release, Hiawatha/Northstar app Train Brain, which was initially seeded with $2,000 cash from micro crowdfunding cause MinneSpark.

Co founder Andy Atkinson has since relocated to Maryland where he maintains employment with LivingSocial. Co founder Nate Kadlac designed the app while developer John Doll played a key role in this product launch.

“This is a labor of love project,” Kadlac says, noting how the mobile development experience has been a learning process for the group.  Moving forward, both Bus Brain and Train Brain apps will be optimized for scheduling and possibly released on Android.

Yes, please.


  • pedstrom

    Downloading it now! I’ve generally been happy with Apple’s new Maps app, but the lack of mass transit info has been a bit difficult. I bus it everywhere! Thanks for the app.