Spark ties with Twine


SparkSpark has announced a collaboration with Twine just days after their initial launch.

Spark is a hardware product that connects lights to the internet for control from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Co founded by recent Twin Cities transplant Zach Supalla, the idea was conceived in response to the needs of his deaf father. 

Twine is a wireless square with sensors and a simple web app to set rules around email, text or Twitter.   Twine’s Kickstarter campaign closed in early January, having raised $556k from 3,966 backers, far exceeding the $35k target.

Spark Twine

The move aims to provide both parties access to new markets while offering backers the potential for broader application when combined.  Spark is just crossing the 20k mark from about 350 backers; perhaps Twine isn’t the only platform they could plug into?