Code was slung

Code Slingers Challenge 2012W3 Schools Graduates (actual name) won the 2012 Code Slingers Challenge.

Organized by local development firm Fusion Room, the second annual hackathon event attracted 28 web developers on nine teams this past weekend. The w3 Schools Graduates team walked away with bragging rights, cash, and a newly minted cowboy belt trophy that will be donned by rotation amongst Eric Brandes, Ryan Tofteland, Andre Taddeini, and Todd Gardner.

The 24 hour challenge was to create a website for a Sushi Restaurant that incorporated advance HTML and CSS layout, parallax scrolling, third party API integration with Twitter and Instagram, and CMS. Creative agency Shine Box provided the specific challenge that was held secret until the day of.

“The energy and the excitement was through the roof even though most didn’t sleep for two days,” said Fusion Room CEO Farhan Muhammad.