Spark plugs with Pebble


SparkMinneapolis Kickstarter campaign Spark announced today their smart socket will be compatible with wrist apparatus Pebble.

Spark is a hardware product that connects lights to the internet for control from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Co founded by recent Twin Cities transplant Zach Supalla and launched earlier this month, the idea was initially conceived in response to the needs of his deaf father.

Pebble is a Bluetooth e-paper watch for iPhone and Android.  Highly customizable in nature, this wearable computer is about notifications, apps, and athletics (amongst other uses).  Earlier this year, Pebble raised over $10m from 70k backers on Kickstarter.

The Spark + Pebble integration is a second of sorts, whereas Spark tied with Twine merely moments after launch. With 16 days remaining the local crowdfunding campaign has raised $72k towards the all or nothing $250k target.