Spark hooks up with SmartThings


SmartThings and Spark KickstarterSpark, the Minneapolis startup that launched on Kickstarter earlier this month, announced today their third collaboration to date: Twine, Pebble, and now, SmartThings.

“By collaborating with folks like Twine, Pebble, and SmartThings, each product becomes more valuable and more powerful than they were on their own. Our vision for the future of the Connected Home is fueled by hardware start-ups working together to provide great products that interconnect to build a powerful ecosystem.”

Spark is a hardware device that connects lights to the internet for control from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Co founder Zach Supalla first conceived the idea in response to the needs of his deaf father, who was seeking a means of flicking the lights with an incoming call or message; that impetus has since blossomed into a much broader and more ambitious project.

So far, Spark has crowdfunded approximately $90k toward the goal of reaching $250k by December 13th.

Local startup SmartThings is a hardware platform for the ‘Internet of Things’, whereas a ZigBee and Z-Wave hub acts as the brains, communicating with various sensors (power, motion, presence, open/close, etc.) that then connect with a suite of web-based and mobile ‘SmartApps’ built by either the SmartThings team or by an independent 3rd party developer ecosystem.

SmartThings’ Kickstarter campaign raised a cumulative $1.2m earlier this fall for the forthcoming product that, at last check, was scheduled to ship by the end of this year.

As mentioned above, the compatibility not only opens more avenues for customers to integrate their respective devices for broader use cases, but may also prove to give Spark a marketing bump they could use right about now.


  • Jason Sandquist

    Awesome. Great to see two emerging companies come together!

  • Brian Heimann

    Spark > Philips Hue

    Looks like a great collaboration guys/gals!