Entrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur: Thompson Aderinkomi on Growth



Thompson AderinkomiSpecial thank you to Split Rock Partners  for underwriting the Entrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur series. 

Minnesota Tech Entrepreneur Thompson Aderinkomi has been pursuing disruption in the healthcare insurance industry since experiencing the pain points first hand over two years ago.

“The current healthcare system, with its relationships between primary care doctors and insurance companies, sucks (like a vampire) and must die,” he declares. “Preventative medicine can be made affordable to every man, woman and child in this country.”

His remedy, RetraceHealth, aims to eradicate waste from the healthcare system through software and technology enabled primary care solutions.  While the startup has yet to experience the outcomes Aderinkomi initially sought, this change agent is openly adapting; a sure fire sign of the entrepreneurial growth he speaks to.

When asked what theme resonates with where you’re at as a tech entrepreneur, you chose ‘growth’. Why?