Conservis reaps a million for Ag software


ConservisMinneapolis-based Conservis recently closed a $1m round of equity & debt funding, according to a disclosure filed with the SEC.

“Through the use of an Android App on a Smartphone or Tablet and a secure web database, Conservis provides farm information management software for farms to optimize best operating practices, maximize profits, improve efficiency, and virtually eliminate the burden of record-keeping and reporting of crop production.”

The firm has been consistently fundraising over the past few years; from $325k in 2010 through present, the firm is capitalized to atleast $2m at this point.   CEO Patrick Christie was unavailable for comment at this juncture.

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  • Peter Beacom

    I like this product. It reminds me of a 4-H computer project I built as a kid. There’s a lot of potential both commercially and as benefit to society in that market.