SmartThings’ fulfillment pushed out


SmartThings-KickstarterThose anticipating some home automation ease this holiday season are going to be waiting longer than initially planned for their hub and spoke IoT system.  Minnesota Kickstarter champs SmartThings, which pulled in $1.2m this summer from over 5,000 backers, has pushed their tentative product delivery target out to February, 2013.

A weekend update outlines the situation, citing quality over speed while articulating their desire to avoid shipping prematurely:

“There are big, moving parts. We are pushing every boulder up the hill as fast as possible. Sometimes they roll down the hill and crush our toes. We learn and push harder. All is on the table….Cutting to the chase, we expect our first full production runs to begin coming off the line in mid January. We will then be scaling up into February when we hope to deliver to the majority of our backers. We’ll continue to keep you updated as each milestone passes, including pictures of devices as they start to roll off the assembly line.”

In addition to the unexpected production circumstances, the SmartThings team was also juggling a $3m raise while simultaneously ramping-up post crowdfunding. The entire message is a worthy read for backers, future crowdfunders, and any entrepreneur who will inevitably find themselves behind schedule in a some point on their journey.  Kudos to the SmartThings team (now 24 deep) for the candid communication.

Judging by the collective sentiment of the comments section, most backers are patiently understanding, perhaps due to some conditioning by now.