Spark: the final 48 hours


SparkMinneapolis startup Spark launched their crowdfunding initiative around this time last month, and with just under 48 hours left, remains well below the $250k target with $116k committed from some 1,500 backers.

Invented in response to the needs of his deaf father, co founder Zach Supalla created Spark’s hardware + software platform to control lights from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.  The campaign has forged notable collaborations over the recent weeks, Ubi being the latest.

These milestones provide provide both broader access and marketing inertia, but ultimately may not prove sufficient enough; money aside, the best thing to come from the experiment may prove to be accelerated elements of visibility, buy-in and research towards whatever may follow.

“We’ve made a ton of progress but the goal is a long ways away and not being able to sell multiples really killed us.  However, all the attention has brought in a lot of potential investors, distributors, vendor reps…so we might just go back to the drawing board,” Supalla said when asked about the prospect not reaching the financial goal.

Here’s to a MinneDemo miracle this evening.