Minneapolis startup Canopy going for $3m


CanopyMinneapolis startup Canopy is raising a $3m round of funding, with “under $1M left in the round as of this morning,” according to founder Andrew Kamin Lyndgaard.

When we interviewed them earlier this year, Canopy was pursuing an ambitious blend of hardware, proprietary software and SDK powered mobile application ecosystem.  Then in May, known med tech exec John Deedrick joined as chairman, followed by a merger with Gray Squid Division  in July.

The tactile sensor enabled iPhone case, Sensus, has really since taken center stage since then:

“Canopy’s vision skyrocketed along side the rise of the smartphone. Our first protective case led us to eager users who wanted more ways to interface with their phone. Sensus, Canopy’s touch-sensitive smartphone case, is the result. Sensus introduces touch technology to iPhone’s back and right side in a sleek protective case. Sensus is the next generation accessory for apps. We’ve freed your screen from fingers that block your information and made smartphones more fun. It’s another example of how Canopy expands the mobile user experience.”

Chief Strategy Officer Matt Pacyga says Canopy has been on the road for much of the second half of this year and is currently focused on a full fledged product launch at the upcoming CES show January 8-11, 2013.

KC Associates