Digital River sells subsidiary CCNow to Snorrason Holdings



Via News Release

“MINNEAPOLIS – Jan. 3, 2013 – Digital River, Inc. (NASDAQ: DRIV), the revenue growth experts in global cloud commerce, announced that it has sold its subsidiary CCNow, Inc. to Snorrason Holdings, a privately-held e-commerce service provider. CCNow is an online retailer and provider of online checkout services primarily for small to mid-sized businesses.

Snorrason purchased CCNow in an all cash transaction. Other financial terms related to the agreement were not disclosed and are not material to Digital River’s results of operations.”

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  • Casey Allen

    I was going to write something sweet and pithy here about how I hope DRIV makes it through this rough patch because they grow good product folks, and then I stopped to think:

    Do they?

    Have any successful entrepreneurs come out of Digital River? Anybody know?

  • Kirk K.

    As a former DRIV employee, I want to attest to the A-team of talent at DRIV, as would be expected given the number global brands that it counts as customers. Though, former DRIV employees may not be lining the halls of CoCo, many continue to work in the local tech community. Considering many employees have specialties, moving to a large established e-commerce operation may be a more likely move than a new venture.

  • Necrosaro420

    I may be willing to try ccnow again now that it has been sold. I run an online store, and have a couple hundred transactions per day. The ccnow team would constantly harass me, asking for 50+ tracking numbers each day that they “would be curious to see”. I finally had enough of them, as I have never had to deal with people as moronic as some of these people were that worked for them. I do not have time to sit there and look up 50 orders a day just to show then. I finally just started copy/paste 200+ tracking numbers every time they would ask, and tell them that they can go through all of them and figure out who is who if they want to see them. They really did not like that too much. I finally told them to shove it up their ass, after yet another person started asking for tracking numbers in the same day from them.