It’s on: The 2013 Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge


The Nerdery Overnight Website ChallengeAnother year, another round of nerd impact is in the works as the The Nerdery opened registration today for the 2013 Overnight Website Challenge.

The sixth annual volunteer-driven event will bring together developers and designers on March 9 & 10 for two straight days of serving Minnesota nonprofits through website makeovers. Generous in concept and well executed in reality, The Nerdery estimates that an accumulated $3 million in professional services have been donated so far to 96 nonprofits between five previous events held in Minnesota and two in Chicago.

“In the first five years of The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge, volunteers have freely given about 3 million dollars worth of professional web development services to 96 nonprofit organizations. While The Nerdery considers this a good start, we will rally our staff and community to help good nonprofits with not-so-good websites. During this nerdathon benefiting local nonprofits, volunteers form teams of 8-10 web pros that show up not knowing what nonprofit they’ll serve, pro bono, for the next 24 hours.”

18 different teams and nonprofits participated last year, although it’s unclear if that figure will flux to accommodate increasing demand on both sides of the equation; four teams and three nonprofits have already applied.  Two Unicorns, One Moon are the reigning champs, and surely in hot pursuit of a three-peat.

February 8th is the application deadline for both the nonprofits and the nerds, while selected teams will be announced on February 18th. One notable change to the 2013 Overnight Website Challenge is the teams will not pitch right at the end, instead, the teams will break and reconvene on April 2nd at the Nerdery’s Bloomington HQ to present a more polished finished product.

Were there a challenge of a different nature, one to determine which Minnesota tech companies are reinvesting into their community in a unique and meaningful way, The Nerdery would be there in spades.

Know a local tech company doing good in Minnesota for Minnesota? Nominate them here.