Emerging Minneapolis startup developing SaaS for physicians

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Clinical Healthcare CorporationBy Yael Grauer

Electronic medical record systems collect transactional data based on billable events, but local startup Clinical Healthcare Corporation wants to take things a step further through eVeritas, a SaaS application developed for physicians and other healthcare providers.

Staying on top of treatment protocols for all diseases isn’t as easy for primary care physicians as it is for specialists. “The guidelines for asthma, for example, are 460 pages long,” CEO Arnel Rillo explains.

eVeritas’ platform distills hundreds of pages of clinical recommendations and allows physicians to make quality, objective decisions for treatment based on the latest evidence-based guidelines.

“Most primary care physicians will go to conferences and lectures to learn about evidence based best practices and how to treat asthma and diabetes and other diseases, but implementing that back into their workflow is a little difficult,” Rillo says.  “So what we’ve done is taken those 460 pages and simplified it for that physician.”

It’s not just the doctor who can use eVeritas Software Solutions, though. Anybody on his team in his office can also utilize the service, and the physician has the ability to dictate how far he wants each of those users to go within the program. Physicians can allow nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to use the application to the highest level of their licensure, which improves office efficiency and allows physicians themselves to spend more time with difficult cases.

Rillo suggests that the using  evidence-based guidelines can therefore decrease the number of hospitalizations and ER visits for each patient. Additionally, the platforms other features work to improve a patients commitment to self-manage their disease and provide population- and disease- specific data reporting capabilities to meet regulatory and pay-for-performance requirements.

Clinical Healthcare Corporation was recently featured in LifeScience Alley’s New Technology Showcase.

CEO Arnel Rillo has over 25 years of experience in healthcare, previously working with Fortune 100 companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and United Health Group. COO Thomas Tack has over 20 years of healthcare experience, and was a recipient of both the AstraZeneca Commercial Excellence Award and the AstraZeneca Leadership Excellence Award.

The newest partner is VP of Business Development and Operations, Serafin Samson, who led investments in medical devices and healthcare IT at Affinity Capital for 11 years, in addition to product development with VC-backed medical device startups for an additional 12.

Clinical Healthcare Corporation is in discussions with medical device companies that provide physicians with accurate readings, as connecting the devices with eVeritas Software Solutions would allow the manufacturer to offer physicians the best treatment protocol based on data from the readings.


  • http://twitter.com/LifeSciAlley LifeScience Alley

    Great news to see Fin joining the team!

  • Kevin Spanbauer

    Keep up the great work Arnel & Tom!

  • http://twitter.com/ThompsonAder Thompson Aderinkomi

    Arnel and Thomas are on to something. This technology fits into the current model of primary care as well as the future of primary care which is direct pay primary care. Not only is their product innovative, they are both very helpful and gave me great advice for my start-up.

  • Susan

    Sounds just like the Minnesota Department of Health’s interactive Asthma Action Plan (iAAP) – a clinical decision support tool for prescribing health providers. And all 3 versions are free. http://www.Asthma-iAAP.org