Interview with Will Lansing, president and CEO of FICO



By Pete Carey, San Jose Mercury News

“SAN JOSE — Will Lansing, president and chief executive of the data analytics company FICO, is moving the Minnesota-based global data company’s headquarters to San Jose to help it tap into Silicon Valley’s pool of technical talent.  Although its name is firmly associated with credit scores, Lansing says FICO’s key strength is in extracting useful information from data to solve a wide range of business problems.

One of its core businesses is powerful credit card fraud detection software that screens transactions on two-thirds of the world’s debit and credit cards. The data the company collects must be stored and analyzed and be available for recall in an instant. As powerful as that technology is, there’s more to come, says Lansing, who believes that the analytics business is in a transition phase. He recently talked with this newspaper.”

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