Minnesota HealthIT startup Zipnosis continues national expansion


ZipnosisTwin Cities healthIT startup Zipnosis is moving into nine new US markets this week, according to CEO Jon Pearce.

The web and mobile product launched three years ago from Minnesota to provide virtual rapid diagnosis and treatment to patients for minor health ailments at $25 per diagnosis — or zip — as they’re branded.

Zipnosis grew to Colorado and Washington last year, which raises the reach to 12 states in total now, including: Alaska, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.

“Zipnosis has proven we dramatically shift the cost curve in healthcare. We’ve taken a 2 hour, $200 urgent care visit and made it 5 minutes and $25.00 using Zipnosis online,” says Pearce.  And while not all individuals go straight to urgent care, it’s still more cost effective and convenient than a traditional doctors visit with copay.  Pearce suggests close to $2M million in direct healthcare savings for patients and employers as been realized through the 12k customers served thus far.

Zipnos is also pursuing a white label “Powered by Zipnosis” package for partners, such as Fairview Health Services, who want a more customized and independent online care offering.

“Were a lot more agnostic when it comes to connecting patients to providers,” Pearce says when asked how Zipnosis stacks up against others, notably VirtuWell, a product of HealthPartners that is more aligned with insurance.

“When we started three years ago, people thought we were crazy, but were really seeing the market move in the direction of where we’re at…especially with healthcare reform happening now.”

Zipnosis has raised $1.1m in funding and maintains a staff of 5 at this time; current openings include Vital Care Informatics Analyst and Vital Care Informatics Lead.