Beta Byte: Graspii


GraspiiBeta Byte is a series underwritten by Bust Out Solutions for that early stage tech found somewhere between idea and traction. Equally exciting as it is raw.

Are you in this phase?

What is the name of the company and/or product? Where is it found online?

Graspii is a product of Surface Simple, Inc.

What problem does this solve?

Graspii is about date and life relevancy. With 300 million people in the United States having plans today, coordinating these plans and related content is managed in disparate manners. Graspii helps you get a grasp on life by making life relevant content available when it’s needed. Date relevant content is in our email, the websites we visit, advertisements, our schools, our work, our remodeling projects, and our travel plans. Our lives are complicated, and we’ve become complacent and accepting… believing that managing our lives will always be a chore. Graspii solves this problem by making life relevant content available when we need it. Graspii helps you get a grasp on life.

What is the full launch/release date planned?

A private beta will be launched in late February, 2013, with a public launch planned for Q2, 2013.

Who is on the team?

After years of considering this problem that needs solving, Founder & CEO Jim Fuglestad incorporated Surface Simple Inc. in March of 2012 with two co-founders, Kirk Hemmen and Tommy Tompkins.  The heavy lifting has been performed by lead developer Tyra Johnson.
Graspii has partnered with Kyle Thorsen and his team at Senthor Creative Agency, Michael Fangman and Krissa Nelson.

What is the specific technology or combination of technologies that makes this run? Is there any IP?

Graspii runs on a simple stack of php, MySQL, jquery, and HTML5 and will run on an elastic AWS. We have what we believe are patentable technologies. We are currently developing our IP strategy.

Is there a revenue model? How big is the market and how will you scale?

Yes, there is a revenue model that will leverage community-based advertising and activities in a unique way. 300 million Americans have plans today, and 6 billion people in the world have plans today. Everyone has a life, and that’s a whole lot of folks. Density is imperative to Graspii’s success, and with that we are focusing initially in specific areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul. This model will be replicable and scalable, and demonstrate its success as we rollout to additional major markets nationwide. Users nationwide certainly will be welcome to benefit from Graspii, but our initial focus is local.

Bust Out Solutions

What is your greatest strength?

Our greatest strength is our belief in, commitment to, our confidence in, and our vision for how Graspii will enhance people’s lives. Our strength is in our confidence in our functionality and in the feedback we’ve received on our concept throughout development.

What is your biggest weakness?

Our biggest weakness is our network in the local investment community.

What is one resource you could use that would take this to the next level?

There are two: Users. Lots and lots of users that will find benefit from Graspii in their lives and community; and the investment to ensure that we can take care of these users and ensure that Graspii can scale with them.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We always have more to add, and will always be adding more. We believe Graspii will make a difference in how people manage their lives and how people interact within their communities. We are looking forward to our beta and helping our users get a grasp on their lives.

We are currently recruiting users to be a part of beta launch in late February. If you’re interested in being a part of our private beta, please email or if you have questions and would like to learn more about Graspii, please contact Jim Fuglestad directly at


  • Andrew Korf

    Hmmm – sounds interesting, a little confused about problem statement, you’ve really got to nail the problem you are solving in the simplest most easy to understand terms.