Bumpin’ Uglies lives, launches on iOS


Bumpin Uglies

Failing on Kickstarter isn’t the end of the world — for some it’s really just the beginning.  Take Minneapolis’ Ham in the Fridge for example, which launched a campaign over the summer to crowdfund $65k in 30 days, but came up well short at $12k pledged.

6+ months later, the interactive firm is announcing the official launch of their first independent game: Bumpin Uglies.

“In Bumpin’ Uglies, players design their own Ugly, a hapless, adorably ugly little creature with the intellect of a block of wood, and fling it head first into the gene pool. Players use skill, logic and luck to navigate their Ugly through worlds of quizzical physics-based puzzles, all so that they can “bump” with the Uglies at the other end of those worlds. When they do, magical things happen and they get a gaggle of little Bumplings that blend their Ugly’s physical traits and those of the other Ugly.”

In fact, it may be safe to say that the project ultimately became a reality through the unintended consequences of the Kickstarter launch attempt.

According to President Bret Hummel, “The Kickstarter campaign — though it didn’t result in funding — gave us a lot of momentum and generated a lot of interest that helped keep things moving in the right direction. The kinds of inquiries and opportunities that came as a result of it reinforced that we were on to something.We managed to raise additional funds from private investors to bring us to launch, and we are very excited with the end result of our efforts.”



  • Nick N.

    Cool! I’ve been interested in checking this game out since we first covered it. Will definitely be downloading.