Minneapolis PR agency spins out SaaS dashboard

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WPOincBy Josh Wolanin

The use of search engine optimization (SEO) has been in practice since the mid-1990s, but online discovery differs in many ways today.

Instead of specializing in search engine visibility for websites — web presence optimization (WPO) specializes in tracking, measuring, and optimizing all of a company’s online visibility, including its website, blogs, online ads, social media, and more.

WPOinc, a new Minnesota venture formed by KC Associates (KCA) and Webbiquity’s Tom Pick, has recently announced the release of its WPO Metrics Dashboard. Based on the premise of the Web Presence Optimization (WPO) framework, the company has created a SaaS application that delivers a set of unified WPO best-practice metrics that make it possible for small and midsize businesses (or 3rd party agencies) to measure and optimize their entire web visibility.

The dashboard represents two years of intellectual development at KCA, a Twin Cities-based b2b marketing, PR and SEO agency. The company worked with clients to improve their web visibility using a group of tools, each of which generated its own set of reports, which ultimately became the basis for WPOinc.

“In marketing and public relations, presenting a polished image is important,” explains WPOinc COO Kirsten Chapman. “So we decided to build a dashboard that showed the results of our work in a visually consistent way.” Clients only had access to the reports and not the dashboard because it wasn’t built to be secure since it was meant for internal use only.  We’ve changed that and opened it up for others to use.”

The dashboard features over 100 best-practice metrics, many of which are proprietary, that allow customers to monitor online content, keywords, search rank, and more, as well as allow them to benchmark their results against their competitors. Companies also can set measurement baselines and be alerted when a metric exceeds a variance tolerance (called change-markers). If customers want to know more about a metric, the dashboard has brief descriptions about each one.

“Change-markers save time by analyzing data for you, and telling you when a significant change takes place,” says Chapman.

Getting setup on the WPO Metrics Dashboard takes about 45 days at the cost of $4,500 with the first 30 days concentrated on setting up the monitoring parameters and quality assurance. The monthly subscription price is $1,450 and includes monitoring the customer company along with three of its competitors. The subscription also includes two, one-hour consultations analyzing the customer’s metrics and making WPO recommendations.

“This is field-tested, best-practice stuff coming from actual practitioners for practitioners,” Chapman concludes.


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