Minneapolis startup PreciouStatus entering pet market


PreciousPetStatusMinneapolis startup PreciouStatus has been making moves since raising $1.2m and winning the 2012 Minnesota Cup statewide business plan competition last fall.

Founder Julie Gilbert-Newrai says that the company has launched a new brand called PreciousPetStatus, extending the original technology and diving into a new market: pet owners.

“Everytime we were having conversations in the hospital or the elder care settings, we heard how much people wanted to use the PreciouStatus technology with their pets as well.”

PPSThe mobile application provides pet clinics, kennels, and veterinarians with simple tools to share daily pet activities with owners through pictures, videos, and real time updates.

“There’s obviously more people than there are dogs in the world, but it’s a booming market, as there’s 73 million dogs in the US, not counting cats. People love their pets.”

PreciousPetStatus is sold to the kennel owners on a subscription basis who can offer it as an amenity or an up-charge to their standard services. Additionally, it doubles as a CRM engine for their clients.

“We’re already in kennels from New York to San Francisco,” she says. “It’s growing by leaps and bounds.”