Game On: SportsData


SportsDataDid you know that Minnesota is home to over a dozen tech companies playing in the wide world of sports?

Underwritten by TST Media, the ‘Game On’ series explores this local cluster of technology, ranging from startups to the public market.

Minneapolis-based SportsData provides comprehensive professional sports statistics and content delivered across a broad spectrum of technology platforms.

When was the company founded and what phase would you say you’re in?

We started out in 2010. We’re now in the “turn the corner” phase, about to start profiting from a significant investment in technology and product leadership.

How many employees do you have? Have you previously raised outside investor capital?  

We have 16 full-time employees, and many more part-time data entry analysts and editorial writers. We’ve raised capital from local angel investors.

How do you make money?

We license data and editorial feeds to media, technology and fantasy sports companies.

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What are your core technology products or services?

Real-time data feeds delivered via a convenient and reliable API. We provide every stat of every game for all major U.S. sports.

What sports/markets/audiences do you serve?  

We work with media, technology and fantasy sports companies. Our customers range from NBC Sports to Cantor Gaming (a sports book operator) to Google.

How does your company and technology enhance or advance the sport(s)?

We drive innovation by delivering detailed, fast and accurate data via an API that’s convenient and reliable, with free trials and no setup fees. We’re the easiest sports data provider to get up in running.

How do you see technology in general changing the game in 5 – 10 years out?  

Everything that happens on and off the field is a potential data point.  We’ve seen breakthrough stats like ball trajectory and spin in golf, to telemetry data in car racing.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?  

Innovation in sports requires a democratization of data.  For way too long data has been held back with monopolistic practices.  We know firsthand, from decades on the customer side of this equation.  Now that we are a data provider, we’re trying to bring more players into the fold, by making all our data available for anyone to try out for free at anytime.