How TECHdotMN works – in short

by The TECHdotMN Team

TECHdotMN has evolved considerably since launch 3+ years ago.  Situated within a growing industry sector, the amount of activity is measurably increasing. Naturally, the audience and reach continues to expand.  And with that expansion comes new visitors, regular readers and loyal fans who have questions about the scope of the site.

TECHdotMN a localized tech blog wrapped in a jobs board, database, and calendar of events.  Short of creating a full on FAQ page, here’s a quick update as to how it functions:

Content: Approximately 50% of the content published is original in nature, created by paid writers and guest contributors.  The other half is cross-posted with clear attribution to a given source.  All content is organized by category; there is a consistent range of 75-100 new posts in aggregate each month.

Jobs: Free to list or paid for premium, the jobs board is locally focused, highly targeted and effective. There’s an average of 2.5 new jobs posted daily and between 75-100 rolling listings at any given point in time.  Freelancers may also create a profile and flag themselves for hire.

Calendar: Includes relevant tech meetups, user groups and conferences from across the industry. Free to post, there’s at least 70 tech events happening in the month of February alone!

Data: The directory section is an open database of the Minnesota tech industry that’s free for anyone to access and expand on by logging on through the LinkedIn API. Whenever new posts are published, the companies, people, jobs and groups referenced are linked to and archived with a given profile. Over time, these profiles become repositories for company vitals, contacts, and storylines.

Discoverability: As the site is updated multiple times daily, everything is becoming globally segmented, categorized and uniquely tagged, making it fully searchable and interwoven throughout various components of the site. When logged in, a users experience may be tailored to the contextual relevance that users TECHdotMN profile and/or opt-in preferences.

Subscription: Email digest subscriptions may be customized based on personal preferences at any point in time by logging in.  A digest can be all encompassing or filtered by content type and category.  Frequency can also be adjusted to daily or weekly, although a digest is only sent when criteria matches.

That’s a short rundown of how TECHdotMN works at this point in time, feel free to contact us or leave a comment if you have any questions.


  • Kashif (Kashi) Ahmed

    Thanks for sharing the structure Jeff. It does help to understand what it takes to run such a successful initiative.

    Kudos to the founders for running it for last 3 years