CoCo supports BRIDGEdotMN

by The TECHdotMN Team


CoCo Minneapolis opened their doors to BRIDGEdotMN yesterday, exposing a group of 10-15 program participants to the creative coworking and collaborative experience.

“I’m inspired by BRIDGEdotMN because it’s all about supporting dreams,” says CoCo’s Don Ball who lead the group on a tour of the space over the lunch hour.

“Kids naturally aspire to be something, to go places. But they don’t always have the tools, especially the access to technology and connectivity, which can be prohibitive for families that are struggling.”

Thank you to CoCo Minneapolis and members Nils Hansen + Heather Saucier who shared their stories!

BRIDGEdotMN is a collaboration among TECHdotMN, Project for Pride in Living (PPL), CTEP Ameri Corps and Mobile Citizen, formed to equip local kids with technology resources that increase their digital literacy.

A growing list of those from the Minnesota tech community (Rob Weber, Augusoft, Clockwork, Tony Abena, LeadPlayer, Software for Good, Jeff Hinck, StickyAlbums, Livefront) are making a positive impact through BRIDGEdotMN.

For $1,000 you can provide technology resources for a local pre-qualified student in need and forever change their course. Contact us now to learn more about how you or you company can support BRIDGEdotMN.