Shobii launches smart frame Kickstarter campaign

Shobii’s Kickstarter campaign launches on Kickstarter today with the goal of crowdfunding $858,750 for a new smart frame solution with a private digital photo sharing network.

Connecting via WiFi, Shobii offers either a 10 inch or 15 inch frame option, both with 1280 by 800 resolution.  Using a web-based dashboard, the Shobii connects with Facebook and Flickr, while a mobile application is forthcoming.

“As we were starting a family of our own in the late 2000’s, I was exposed firsthand to the limitations of photo sharing,” Shobii creator Farhan Muhammad says.   “As easy as Facebook or just email may seem, the Shobii experience is significantly smoother, more secure, and of higher quality.

Backers can support Shobii through pledges of $10 – $10k, while a recurring monthly subscription of 99 cents – 19.99 dollars gains access to the private sharing network, depending on the number of frames distributed to.

In contrast, previous Kickstarter success Instacube has a 600 by 600 pixel resolution and has yet to actually deliver.  Big brands like Kodak, Sony, and HP have been in the digital frame space for sometime, although none of their products have taken hold on a noticeable consumer level.

Muhammad says that Shobii is intentionally not a touchscreen, rather it features a trackpad found at the base of the frame for user interaction.

Shobii has consulted with Dragon Innovation for the manufacturing and anticipates that the frames will ultimately retail between $200-$300, based on the size of the screen.  “Both the manufacturing and software that we are pursuing is of the highest quality. We believe in doing things the right way and delivering on our commitments.”

Depending on the demand and direction, Muhammad anticipates that there could eventually be a Shobii for sharing videos and/or audio content.