Game On: 3D Sports Technology


3D Sports TechnologyDid you know that Minnesota is home to over a dozen tech companies playing in the wide world of sports?

Underwritten by TST Media, the Game On series explores this local cluster of technology, ranging from startups to the public market.

3D Sports Technology provides animated digital media content and patented software tools for coaches to help players improve their performance on the field.

When was your company founded and what phase would you say you’re in?

3D Sports Technology, Inc. registered as a C-corporation in the State of Minnesota on June 1, 2010. We are currently taking the step from startup to an emerging company having done excellent research and development creating our proprietary products, and now are introducing our products to the market.

Have you previously raised outside investor capital?

Yes, we have successfully raised capital and our company has been certified by the State of Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development Angel Tax Credit program allowing our investors to receive a 25% tax credit on the amount invested in 3D Sports Technology, Inc. We will be launching another capital raise in 2013 to further advance the company into the global sports market.

How do you make money?

We provide time-saving solutions with our software tools allowing coaches to better teach and athletes to better learn their specific sports. We sell our software tools online as well as direct to parents, coaches, administrators and athletes looking to improve and succeed by finding that winning edge.

What are your core technology products/services?  

3D PlayBooks for 11 different sports, Coach’s Page custom intranet communication system, MoCap Analyzer, and various support services to assist in fundraising and revenue generation for our customers.

What sports/markets/audiences do you serve?

Youth through professional sports.

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How does your company and technology enhance or advance the sport?

We have developed tools to improve technique by analyzing the human movement of athletes. We have the only two dimensional to three dimensional drawing software tool on the market. We also bring the unique opportunity of having world class experts and professional advisers that not only endorse 3D Sports Tech but also assist in the development of our proprietary tools and thus interacting with parents, coaches, administrators and athletes.

How do you see technology in general changing the game in 5 – 10 years out?
3D Sports Tech is constantly seeking new, emerging technologies and finding applications to bring those technologies to our customers.  In our ever evolving world, 3D Sports Tech remains committed to being a leading developer of technologies.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

We have established partnerships with the national governing body of athletic administrators – National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators (NIAAA) – as well as being endorsed by the National Football League’s High School Player Development program. We have combined the expertise of champion athletes and coaches with our patented technologies to bring a unique opportunity to improve both skills and knowledge to the sports market.

Our team of world class sports experts include: Michael Strahan (football), Dean Dalton (football), Lou Nanne (hockey), Trent Tucker (basketball), Christopher Thomas (basketball), Hugh McCutcheon (volleyball), Alan Merrick (soccer), John Danowski (lacrosse), Judy Baxter (lacrosse), Tami Krause (dance), Bill Kazmaier (weight lifting), Jimmy Gonzales (recruiting), Dr. Sheldon Burns (sports medicine) and P. Chuck Williams, PhD (human movement).