$44m NYC startup relocating to Minneapolis



By Hamish McKenzie, PandoDaily

“…Wolfram’s scheme generated half a million dollars worth of sales for affiliate partners, and a fair chunk of change for himself in referral fees. It wasn’t enough to earn him a fortune, but it was decent pocket money for a teenager. Wolfram, who lives in Helsinki, Finland, saved the money and used it to start his first serious company, DealDash, at the ripe old age of 16. That was just over three years ago.

Today, the little-known DealDash has nearly 1 million users, 67 employees, a deal with Best Buy, and last year it did $44 million in revenue, clocking up a profit of about $1 million. For the first three years of its last, DealDash has quadrupled its revenue every 12 months. And, naturally, it’s about to move to Minneapolis.”

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