Game On: row27



Did you know that Minnesota is home to over a dozen tech companies playing in the wide world of sports?

Underwritten by TST Media, the Game On series explores this local cluster of technology, ranging from startups to the public market.

row27 runs the gambit of digital solutions — from services in video, mobile and microsite, to the FanMaker SaaS trifecta: rewards, photos and auctions.

When was your company founded and what phase would you say you’re in?

We started in early 2007 and even though we are entering our 6th year we still are seeing doubled digit percentage growth as we continue to bring new products to market. This keeps us in a startup mode.

How many employees do you have? Have you previously raised outside investor capital?

We typically have 20 full time staff and are hiring a few positions right now to maintain that level. We are self funded.

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How do you make money?

row27 is our digital design studio and we sell interactive websites and video under that brand. FanMaker creates software for sports teams and we currently sell 3 products under the FanMaker app suite. FanMaker Rewards is a comprehensive fan loyalty program with a social twist, FanMaker Photos is a crowd photo sharing app for events, and FanMaker auctions is a modern auction platform.

What are your core technology products/services?

We have 3 software services we sell as the FanMaker suite:

FanMaker Rewards is a comprehensive fan loyalty program where we track every interaction a fan has with a team, including mentions on social media, checkins, ticket purchases, ticket scans, merchandise purchases, sponsor purchases and more. We then combine all that data to enable our clients to visualize the true value of individual fans as well as identify sales and marketing opportunities. FanMaker rewards is currently the largest program of its kind with clients in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MiLB, AFL, and NCAA with 100,000 users.

FanMaker Photos powers photo sharing for crowds. Fan’s can submit photos while they are at an event to be displayed on the big screen as well as an online gallery. Teams can leverage these galleries on their social channels and typically monetize FanMaker Photos through premium sponsorship. Sponsors include Coke, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, and Kohls.

FanMaker Auctions is our latest addition and provides a truly modern auction platform in a very stagnant and dated market. Our launch partners included the Oregon Ducks, Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders.

What sports, markets or audiences do you serve?

We have worked with 170 teams, covering all leagues, and 5 continents.

How does your company and technology enhance or advance the sport(s)?

Our products have focused on the revenue generating side of athletics. By helping marketers market, ticket offices sell tickets, and sponsorship groups sell sponsorship we aim to make our solutions essential to progressive and effective sports business professionals.

How do you see technology in general changing the game in 5 – 10 years out?

Technology has helped teams take more and more ownership of their content distribution and we think we’ll see teams provide even more direct access to their fans in the future using technology. Also with the evolution of big data we see an important role for micro targeting sales and sponsorship which should be great for teams and fans.