Mobile March does it again

Mobile March

Minnesota took another notable step ahead in the ongoing cultivation of the local mobile industry yesterday with a fourth installation of the annual spring conference known as Mobile March.

As an estimated 300 participants gathered at Earle Brown Heritage Center to get their fix, the Global Head of Mobile Technology at Thomson Reuters, Bob Schukai, kicked it all off with a keynote address.  In terms of content, v2013 garnered a more pointed focus with 4 core tracks — strategy, development, gaming and business — spanning some 30+ sessions from a diverse variety of speakers and topics.

Themed around the month it which occurs, as well as the notion of forward progress, Mobile March has managed to build a loyal following of both the technical and non-technical.

“Exposure to what goes on in other areas of mobile makes us all better practitioners,” organizer Justin Grammens explains. “There’s a lot of overlap and cross-pollination between the actual developers and the enterprise executors.”

Founded by Grammens, Phil Wilson and Linda Cummings, Mobile March spawned from the local Mobile Twin Cities user group, now some 600 strong.

“I remember the genesis,” Grammens explains. “We thought to ourselves…instead of just doing the monthly meeting, we should turn this into something more for Minnesota.” And more they’ve done, considering the 1,000+ who have attended and gained from the event over the years.

The day concluded with a cocktail mixer, although omitted this year from the agenda was the Mobile 3D, a parallel element that would traditionally highlight local mobile products with a “Dinner, Demo and Drinks” experience.

Mobile March isn’t the only mobile industry conference in town, either. The arrival of MobCon last year and its anticipated return this fall, is indicative of a thriving local scene, thanks to the key individuals who step up march on in the name of all that’s mobile in Minnesota.