The MESA movement continues

Minnesota Emerging Software Advisory (MESA), a group born in 2009 and set in motion the following year, continues to grow its portfolio of software companies and roster of executive mentors.

MESA brings together C-level Minnesota software and IT veterans to provide mentorship for select local start-up and emerging software companies.  Their stated mission is “to help spark a movement and make
Minnesota’s software economy rank among the most vibrant and respected in the nation.”

Founding mentor Kevin Spanbauer recently reached out with an update on all things MESA:

Newest mentors:

“We’re being very thoughtful about ramping-up our capabilities…as we continue to grow our mentor roster, we can increase the companies we are serving.  A good mentor for MESA is experientially qualified, has a heart for it, and can deliver on a commitment.”

 Newest portfolio:

“Do they have early traction…some form of customer validation or revenue? Is there a market demand? Is the entrepreneur or executive management coachable? Lastly, we want to focus our energies on the disruptive businesses as opposed to the lifestyle.”

MESA now tallies 13 mentors and 11 emerging companies, with 2 more to be announced this spring, on their way to 50 companies in five years. The group does not charge entrepreneurs charges nominally, does not take ownership equity, or board seats.

“We aren’t here for recognition or money…just positive change through doing what’s right by the entrepreneur.”