MAX4G signals $2m equity round


MAX4G in Eden Prairie recently filed a SEC disclosure indicating intentions of raising $1.95m in equity capitalization, with the first sale yet to occur.

Founded in 2008 by “a small, but tightly focused group of system engineers and developers,” MAX4G is focused on developing high performance NLOS backhaul for small cell 4G deployments, increasing availability within dense environments.

“We provide high performance, non-line-of-sight (NLOS) links that are compact, easy to install, and can operate in multiple bands in the sub-6GHz range. Our NLOS solution gives carriers unprecedented flexibility in deploying street level microcells and picocells in environments where fiber or microwave backhaul is neither practical nor feasible. With the most advanced NLOS point-to-point solution in the industry, MAX4G is helping the carrier community realize the promise of 4G by finally making it feasible to roll out street level cell sites to supplement coverage and capacity.”

MAX4G declined to comment at this time.