MinneWebCon delivers again and again

by Guest

By Josh Wolanin129_1235

Once again, the annual conference for “people who create, work with and love the web,” aptly known as MinneWebCon, reached maximum capacity as ~250 attendees gathered at the U of M CECC yesterday to advance their understanding of the Internets.

Describing itself as a “two day grassroots knowledge-sharing conference,” the focus is on bringing web professions together to discuss challenges and opportunities they collectively face, ultimately, to improve at what they do day in and day out.

129_1234It was put together this year by a 10-person committee and 5 volunteers, directed by Amanda Costello (left).

“People appreciate the fact that it’s a smaller and more intimate conference, we deliberately cap it,” she says.

While yesterday revolved around 2 keynotes and a range of niche topics, day two (currently underway) offers six distinct half day workshops.

It blasted off with Veronica McGregor from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, describing her role in creating engaging social media content for multiple rovers and monitoring asteroids.

“We broadcast updates across multiple mediums,” McGregor explains. “But it became obvious people were most receptive over Twitter,” she says during her intro video packed with social memes that speak to the geekery turned pop culture.

129_1262The second keynote, presented by Brad Frost, describes the webs “superpower” is in its ubiquity and ability to be “accessed by everyone,” much like the conference itself, and the juxtaposition does not go unnoticed as the crowd embraces Frost’s presentation with laughs and a round of applause.
Between the keynote peaks are 15 specialized sessions from a node.js bootcamp to tips on becoming a unicorn.

129_1263 “It just keeps getting better every year, I’m constantly blown away by the quality that the web community brings to to the table. We doubled our proposals this year, and love the sense of community that MinneWebCon represents.” Costello concludes. “Thanks to our awesome steering committee and volunteers!”