QR codes become high-tech lost-and-found name tags



By Julio Ojeda-Zapata, St. Paul Pioneer Press

“What if your lost stuff could find you?  Two local companies, GoCodes and FinderCodes, make this possible via scannable tags their customers can affix to their pets, luggage and other belongings.

If any such object or animal is lost, whoever finds it can scan the code on the tag with a smartphone for instructions on how to contact the owner.

Both companies are harnessing the scannable symbols trademarked, and commonly known, as QR codes (short for “quick response”). While these have seen increasing use in consumer and corporate realms, they are not entrenched in popular culture.”

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  • http://www.layeredbyte.com/ Holden Page

    Reminds me greatly of what Kynetx is trying to do with Squaretag (http://www.squaretag.com) in Provo, Utah. It is very interesting to see that the MN competition has already partnered with various companies.

    Personally, I think QR codes are a failing concept. I don’t know of anyone who actually uses them extensively, especially in the midwest.

    That said, there is definitely a market for business here in the “internet of things”; but I believe it is going to be viable when NFC begins to permeate the devices we use.

    I could always be wrong though!