Adventium Labs launches Andamio mobile gaming division


Andamio GamesMinneapolis R&D tech firm Adventium Labs is expanding into the mobile gaming space with the opening of Andamio Games and the release of their first product, iNeuron.

“We are pursuing the creation of  collaborative, mobile device games that comply with educational standards and take full advantage of the capabilities in mobile computing,” said Kyle Nelson, Adventium CEO and Andamio team lead.

Nelson explains that Andamio Games go well beyond ‘edutainment’(games that entertain more than teach) and single learn apps (e-Books and flash cards) to provide an engaging, problem-solving learning environment focused on STEM themes.

iNeuron is a mobile device game for iOS that collaboratively teaches neuroscience concepts to high school students while students collaborate to solve challenges. After learning a base set of concepts by individually playing with iNeuron (at home or in class), the students break into small groups and compete to solve challenges.

The initial version is still in an alpha/beta stage, with some 300+ end users.  The team is planning a Kickstarter project to accelerate fielding of iNeuron, and anticipates a family of games — possibly one on focused on circuitry next.

Started in 2002, Adventium Labs is roughly 70% publicly funded and 30% commercial, maintains approximately 30 employees, and is known for pursuits in computer security, systems engineering and artificial intelligence.