PetChatz is webcam, treat and odor dispenser for pets and their ‘parents’



By Julio Ojeda-Zapata, St. Paul Pioneer Press

“They’re called “pet parents.” They are the extra-devoted animal owners who spare no expense on their dogs and cats. What if they could keep in touch when they’re away from home? For peace of mind, some people have set up webcams with built-in two-way audio to watch and interact with their homebound companions.

Now a Minnesota company has come up with the ultimate petcam — one that dispenses treats and exudes soothing aromas while letting pets and their human masters see and hear each other. Called PetChatz, it can be controlled from afar using a phone app or desktop browser. With the tap of a touchscreen or a keyboard, for instance, the owner can cause a treat to drop from within the device for Fido to gobble up.”

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