Spark Core announces collaborations with Pebble, SmartThings and UBI

SparkDevicesIt became quite clear right away that Minneapolis startup Spark Devices had found a winner with their Spark Core Kickstarter campaign.

The Core “Wi-Fi for everything” kit has since crossed $200k in funding commitments from some 2,400+ backers, and still has 23 days remaining. Today, the company announced some big collaborations designed to maximize the potential applications of Core:

“As Pebble builds out their SDK, we’ll build libraries and example projects to make it easy to use the Pebble to interact with your project to the fullest extent possible…we’ll be working with the SmartThings guys to enable cloud-to-cloud communications so that your SmartThings products can interact with your Spark projects, and vice versa…and we’ll be working with Ubi to link our products together so you’ll be able to add voice control to your Spark-powered projects.”

Spark has also rolled out “stretch goals,” which act as incentives based on the financial commitments reached. $300K = Language wrappers for JavaScript, Ruby, and Python; $400K = The Spark RC Car; $500K = iPhone App Template; $600K = Android App Template.

“Connected devices have been a big category on Kickstarter for quite some time, and we believe that the future of the connected world will come from innovative start-ups that work together to make their products open and compatible,” CEO Zach Supalla states.  “The support has been overwhelming, and we couldn’t be happier to have such enthusiastic backers.”

Major shifts underway here, not just around how companies are crowdsourcing launch capital in modern era, but especially so in terms of identifying product:market fit, real time community engagement, and cross-platform integrations.