Thank you sponsor: JAMF Software


JAMF-SoftwareIt’s important to recognize those who financially sponsor TECHdotMN because their contribution helps to advance Minnesota’s technology industry.

Thank you JAMF Software for reinvesting and supporting the cause!

What does JAMF Software do?

We help customers succeed with the Apple platform, specifically in larger scale environments. We’ve built the business on philosophies rooted in trust, teamwork and our mutual success. Over the last 11 years our customers have grown in excess of 2 million Apple devices under management. We hope the Fortune 100, the Fortune 1000, small businesses school districts, universities, colleges and schools on five continents.

Where is JAMF Software headquartered and officed?

Our headquarters are in Minneapolis, which has a focus on operations, finance, sales, and marketing. Our largest office, by employees, is in Eau Claire Wisconsin. Here the focus is on development, customer service,  and product management.   We have field offices in Cupertino, Manhattan, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong.

What is something unique about JAMF Software?

While many companies will point towards customer centricity and culture we believe in measurable ways we orient our business and day-to-day activities focusing on these areas. When we assess our success we do so in terms of customer retention, employee retention, acquisition of new customers and efficiency. The first three measures are direct representations of this philosophy focused leading to action. The efficiency metric we use to understand how we scale the business in support of the first three. We see the game is being how do we delight customers and the scoreboard of revenue as our measure of success. We believe that by focusing on customers first revenue will follow. We have seen some companies focus on revenue first and struggle to build an enduring brand. All of this is easier said than done and we hope to continue to perfect our ideals into actions over the course of the business. While we are not alone in this pursuit, as there are many companies pursuing it, we are a part of a minority of businesses who live it.

Why does JAMF Software sponsor TECHdotMN?

We sponsor TECHdotMN  because we appreciate the value it creates. The rest of the country does not quite understand how our region contributes globally on the technical front. While we are not the Silicon Valley or the Silicon Alley we do create world-class technologies that change the world for better. Your dedication and focus to markets that many other people don’t care about, yet remain relevant, is in line with our beliefs and we are happy to help your organization carry on your mission.

What are your thoughts on how the Minnesota tech climate could improve for JAMF Software?

When we think of how the tech climate could improve it is more about the entire ecosystem than it is about how it would improve to benefit us. Mayor Rybak has extolled the virtues of leveraging the diversity of cultures that have migrated to the region. In addition, a large research universities including the University of Minnesota have strove to produce more qualified graduates from schools in the area. However, we are not seen as a destination for people outside of the region to move to and as such we see in outmigration of talent to Seattle, Silicon Valley, Austin Texas, Boston Massachusetts, in New York City. We as a region need to continue to develop attractors that will bring people from these regions into our communities that their perspectives, skills and knowledge to complement our native talent.