Field Nation Helps Connect Employers and Contractors



By Kenzie Zimmer, Twin Cities Business

Mynul Khan was fresh out of St. Cloud State in 2004 when Fujitsu handed him a big assignment: develop a better tool to manage the Japan-based company’s IT outsourcing: “Even a large Fortune [Global] 500 tech company has trouble finding and managing people,” says Khan, who worked with Fujitsu’s office near Dallas. “They were going through multiple tiers [of an organization] to get to the local guys to deliver service.”

Khan put together a basic website called, hired local contractors, and “[Fujitsu] started to see the cost savings, time savings, and direct control of the service delivery,” he says. He ran Technician Marketplace for two years, eventually broadening it beyond Fujitsu and growing it to 10 employees and almost $3 million in revenue. But that got him thinking even bigger.”

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