CareWire names new CEO, adds Hotchkiss as CPO



Via News Release

“MINNEAPOLIS (May 17, 2013) – CareWire, Inc. announces that it has tapped key executives to support and advance its mission of harnessing the power of mobile messaging to profoundly improve outcomes and deepen loyalty – one patient at a time.

Ken Saitow, a healthcare industry veteran with over two decades of healthcare consulting experience has assumed the role of President and CEO effective May 1st. Ken has been an Advisor and Board Member to CareWire since September 2012. “We are pleased to have Ken join CareWire in this role and believe his proven leadership skills, depth of healthcare experience and track record of developing solutions for hospitals and health systems will be instrumental in guiding CareWire into the future.” said Scott Danielson, co-founder and outgoing CEO of CareWire.

In addition, Phil Hotchkiss, a four-time start-up veteran with deep business strategy and product development skills will be joining CareWire as Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer.”

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  • Casey Allen

    Whoa. Adding Phil is a massive win. This should be one to watch.

    Nice work, CareWire.

    • Holden Page

      Philip Hotchkiss is a great guy. I’ve worked with him in the past. I’m also excited to see where this goes.