Berg is back


Doug Berg TrackIF

Minnesota tech entrepreneur Doug Berg has been heads down since SuccessFactors bought his last company, Jobs2Web, for over $100 million.  

A self-described startup junkie, Berg is back in action with TrackIF — an information and product tracking & alert tool aimed at helping people make the web work better for them.

Because “Search and social is saturated, TrackIF can proactively keep you aware of things you want to know about on the web,” he says.  Similar in premise to IFTTT, or a Yahoo Pipes, TrackIF is more consumer friendly. 

Currently applicable on over 350 sites, using TrackIF is broken down by category of interest.  Users can create a free profile, get the browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and start tracking various items such as specific products that go on sale, price/availability changes, new inventory, etc.

Just as Jobs2Web was a recruiting platform, TrackIF is a platform for marketing.  The B2B e-commerce angle is where Berg sees the real revenue potential through affiliate marketing, white label offerings, and user data analytics.

“90% of a sites visitors leave without buying anything,” he suggests. “TrackIF is a way for site owners to better engage visitors and learn more about what they are tracking.”

With the backing of familiar investors and CTO Eric Caron who came from LinkUp, TrackIF is coming out this week with a soft launch of sorts.  Starting with a few hundred early adopters, Berg says they’ve got what it takes to get a million users by the end of 2013.

“Eric can literally code as fast as I can think,” he says.  TrackIF is also doing a ~ $1m seed round to lay the base foundation with mobile apps on iOS and Android and forthcoming.

“And our investors have been with me for a while now…and if we didn’t know the extent of this opportunity, then we wouldn’t be pursuing it.” Rest assured, we’ll be tracking the evolution of this one.


  • Kevin Penny

    Congratulations Doug and Company! Go Gettem’!

  • Anonymous Coward

    Dumb idea. Been done many times. Yawn…

    • Casey Allen

      …as has trolling, but evidently you think you can do it better than the rest.


    • Daren Cotter

      If Anonymous Coward says it won’t work, it must be true…

  • lieflarson

    @Anon Coward Timing is everything.