Welcome to the Minnesota tech community Matt Decuir


Matt DecuirBecause moving somewhere new and unfamiliar can be hard enough as it is, why not make it easier to integrate into the dynamic community that Minnesota tech has to offer? That’s the philosophy behind a new experimental series.

Did you or someone you know in tech recently relocate to Minnesota? Drop us a line.

Welcome to the Minnesota tech community Matt Decuir! Where did you move from and when?

I just moved here from Seattle in April. Sold all my stuff, packed up my car, drove across the country and I currently live in Northeast Minneapolis.

Why Minnesota?

My girlfriend. She moved here to study Public Health, and after two years of doing the long distance thing, it was time. So far, it’s been pretty great.

Have you previously been in the technology industry? What are you doing right now?

I’ve got 5+ years experience doing business intelligence for web businesses. Most recently at Allrecipes.com, which was a fantastic place to work. I’ve been on a self-imposed sabbatical since last summer, including a lot of traveling and continued education. Right now I’m training myself in data science, spending my days at CoCo and looking for the right fit in my next job.

What would be an ideal fit for you?

I’m really excited about data science and programming. You know when you get so immersed in something that you lose track of time? That’s what programming is like for me, and it’s addicting. Ideally, I’d find myself in a challenging role at a smaller company or startup, where I can continue to learn and grow.

What was your perception of the Twin Cities tech community, if you had one, prior to relocating here?

I can’t say I knew much about it, aside from coming to the Startup Weekend demo last fall, where I heard about Coco. I figured there had to be a tech scene if you guys have co-working spaces and were running hackathons. Before moving here, all I’d heard about was healthcare and food. Not so much tech.

Has your perception of the Twin Cities tech community changed based on what you’ve experienced?

Absolutely. There’s a much larger tech scene in the Twin Cities than most people think. Between Coco, House of Genius and tech.mn, I’ve been exposed to so many smart, friendly, and entrepreneurial folks here, it’s crazy. And I feel like that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Ask me again in 6 months, and I’ll be even more impressed.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Minnesota nice is real. And let me know if you would like to connect: decuirm@gmail.com


  • drockwell

    Welcome to Minneapolis, Matt! Hope to see you around CoCo again soon.

  • Miles Mercer

    Welcome, Matt! This series is a great idea. In addition to growing our own, we need to attract and welcome talent from around the country and the world to our community.

  • http://tech.mn Jeff Pesek

    Any suggestions for additional/improved questions are welcome!

  • Abbey Lamm

    Love this idea! Great way to welcome people to the community!

  • Joshua Kennedy

    great app matt! mspbus.org. Great to see you at the Sparks event last night.