8thBridge melds social commerce data with Graphite 3 release


8thBridgeFour years ago, Minneapolis startup 8thBridge (then Alvenda) launched into the nascent world of social commerce with ‘shoplets’ — micro e-commerce stores on Facebook.

“Our mission from the beginning has been to reshape e-commerce around people and help brands monetize social,” says co founder and CEO Wade Gerten.

Fast forward two years and Graphite v2 would  make it easier than ever for e-tailers to add social shopping features to their site and engage with the “95% of antisocial traffic.”


Built on the back of learnings from dozens of consumer brands, a big Minnesota Cup win and millions in VC, the company is announcing today the third and final iteration of their flagship product. Graphite v3 taps into what CEO Wade Gerten considers “A whole new dimension of data.”

And with billions of data points captured, Graphite’s ‘brand interest graph’ vision merges with unprecedented analytics and targeting capabilities.

“The data is more valuable than anything as brands struggle to establish personal connections.  We’re combining data science and marketing intuition,” Gerten says. “It’s more bottom up than anything before.”


Data analytics features include:

1) Grouping into crowds based on measured intent, influence, expertise, enthusiasm and loyalty — allowing brands to identify and rank their audience.

2) Providing splinters and individual snapshots — so that the marketer to zoom in and specifically see who their audience is by granular detail.

3) Creating custom campaigns through Facebook ads, email and on-site offers — for better informed merchandising decisions.

“So far we’ve been focused on the shopping engagement and their expressions.  Now we’re helping brands see their customers as real people vs. mere consumers.  A lot of the early social didn’t live up to its potential…but as social identity turns into real identity, were still betting the company on it,” Gerten says of the release.