St. Paul startup Drive Power names new CEO


Drive PowerEarlier this year, St. Paul startup Drive Power changed hands from former CEO Will England to Augeo Marketing, who has been steering course since January.

Drive Power announced today that a new CEO, Mike Moen, has grabbed the wheel and will “accelerate national strategy.” Moen has been a strategic advisor to Drive Power for the past year and brings over 15 years of private and public sector business experience.

Drive Power was spun-out of the University of Minnesota’s Office for Technology and Commercialization in January of 2012 with intellectual property invented inside the University of Minnesota’s Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute. Involved with the creation of software and solutions to help people improve driving performance, the core technology can be applied towards consumer and commercial usage based insurance (UBI) program, data input to actuarial pricing model, and “big data” applications such as location-based mobile marketing and digital map enhancement.

“The technology behind DriveScribe has the potential to significantly improve driver safety and we are excited about the DriveScribe engagement platform and team, its strategic partners and the leadership role Mike will play within the company,” commented David Kristal, Augeo CEO.