HealthIT startup Clinical Healthcare adds trio to BOD


Clinical Healthcare CorporationClinical Healthcare Corporation has grown its executive board of directors to five as validation that the emerging venture is moving in the right direction.

Jim Ehlen, Justin Kaufenberg and Mark Wagner are now alongside co founders Arnel Rillo (CEO) and Tom Tack (COO).

Ehlen is the CEO of medical device firm Respirtech and founded Allina Health System. Wagner is the CEO of med device firm Celleration and Kaufenberg is the co founder and CEO of Sport Ngin (formerly TST Media), a local SaaS startup which has raised over $10m in venture capital.

“These three are already adding tangible value and to the company,” Rillo says.  “Their social capital will be tremendously helpful for us.”

Clinical Healthcare’s eVeritas software “puts the best clinical knowledge at the fingertips of physicians” through the collection and distillation of evidence based guidelines that “simplify management of disease at, and beyond, the point of care.”

In March, they joined MESA and raised a small seed round of angel capital. The company has since moved from alpha to beta, currently engaged with seven clinics throughout multiple states.