RenovoData Services changes ownership


RenovoDSRenovoData Services has been sold to local business partners Brad Ferstan and Alan Yousha under the name Renovo Data Security, LLC.

RenovoData Services provides secure removal of computer assets, certified hard drive shredding, refurbishing and resale of computer equipment, a recycling program that exceeds EPA standards and mobile phone recycling.

The Eden-Prairie based company was founded in 2009 by Frank Gustafson, who had recently decided to liquidate the company and relocate to Texas.

Brad FerstanAlan YoushaFerstan (left), a Mechanical Engineer by trade and UST MBA, was a materials manager for an industrial distribution company prior to joining RenovoDS. Yousha (right) is an Electrical Engineer, business advisor and Director of Client Services with Benchmark QA.

Renovo maintains approximately 7 employees Eden Prairie, a number that will be increasing, they say.  Together they plan on expanding into medical device disposal, increasing the breadth of services around data security/risk mitigation, and developing IP around the business. 

“We’re going to be flooded with devices the next couple of years and we anticipate working with much larger organizations than Renovo was before,” says Ferstan.

“I’ve got a lot of confidence in Brad and Alan to take the business to the next level.  They are confident and passionate, which will serve the company well,” says the departing founder Gustafson. Purchase terms and revenue figures were not disclosed.