Bryckyard launches cloud-based disk space monitoring service

by Mike Bollinger


Bryckyard LogoBryckyard has one goal: make monitoring disk space easier for small and medium-sized businesses.

The simple SaaS platform reports exactly how much disk space you have on every server and every drive or volume on that server. It answers questions like How much disk space is available to my organization as a whole? What devices are consuming the most disk?¬†And What’s the disk space history of any volume, device, group or organization?

The software was developed over the last 15 months by Chris Miller and Steve Bishop, co-founders of Metiix, a services firm that helps companies manage movement of data between their own sites and create private clouds.

“Bryckyard was a solution to help solve the problems we see our clients have every day”, said Bishop. “While installing backup software for clients, whether large or small, we would always need to answer the same questions: how much disk space you have? And where is the free space? For most small and medium businesses, this is often unknown or unmonitored.”

Whereas firms with one hundred servers or more already have disk monitoring capability through a larger investment in enterprise monitoring software, smaller organizations with 20-100 servers typically don’t have the budget for a larger solution.

The system works by installing a native desktop app on each Windows, Mac, or Linux server on the network, which sends info to the cloud based on a scheduled task. In addition to basic monitoring, users of the Bryckyard service are then able to setup thresholds, notifications, and warnings as well as see reporting and charts for any device, or group of devices, anywhere in the world.