Minnesota startup TrackIF raises $1m seed round


trackifMinnesota startup junkie Doug Berg is back with TrackIF, the information and product tracking + alert tool aimed at helping people make the web work better for them.

TrackIF has closed on a $1m seed equity round according to a SEC disclosure recently filed by the attorneys at New Counsel.  Berg had alluded to the round last month when he went public with the venture.

“We’re off to the races – new office, a few more team members, and the member acquisition is off to a quick start,” Berg says.

Tom Doering and Peter Brasket are listed on both the disclosure and TrackIF’s advisory board, alongside local angel Tony Abena (Jingit, Docalytics, etc.), who was also an investor in Jobs2Web.
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  • Daren Cotter

    Go Doug! Congrats to the team.

  • Eric Kinsella