Teamkeep gets in the Minnesota sports tech game

by Holden Page


TeamKeepWhether you’re playing sports professionally, or for the local league, keeping track of your stats and players is essential to any game. While complicated Excel spreadsheets, and clunky email lists get the job done, the work is nonetheless begrudged.

For Joshua Prodahl, there had to be a better way to keep track of team stats and player schedules. Finding the current market of team management systems lacking and expensive, Prodahl decided to build his own team management system.


Described by Prodahl as the Google Spreadsheets for team management, Teamkeep is a real-time stats editor, and roster manager. Simply update your team stats, and Teamkeep will save your edits on the fly. These edits will then be automatically reflected on a beautifully designed public page for players and fans to view. Fast and fluid team management is not just a feature of Teamkeep, it is ingrained in the ethos of Teamkeep.

“I want to make team management fast, easy, and as well designed as possible,” Prodahl says.

Keeping true to the Google analogy; Prodahl is offering all these features free of charge, and plans to monetize via ads. But monetization for Prodahl is far from an immediate concern. Adding features that further enlighten the user experience is on top of the priority list, with updates being made every day.


It’s a priority well made, as Teamkeep’s closest competitor, TeamSnap, has added $2.75 million to the bank. Most recently, TeamSnap put that money to use through an acquisition of sporting social network WePlay. TeamSnap also sports some well designed mobile apps that Teamkeep is lacking, but has adapted to by making the website mobile web friendly.

While Prodahl has a well-funded adversary, Teamkeep has an incredible amount of potential to dominate team management. It is a space ripe for competition, and has plenty of room for winners on all sides. An ample opportunity for Teamkeep to become a necessary tool for all those who care to keep track and a welcome addition to Minnesota’s sports tech scene.