TECHdotMN TV: 2013 MN Cup Semi-Finalist Teralytix Group

by The TECHdotMN Team


We connected with Peter Seifert and David Gardiner from Teralytix Group at the 2013 Minnesota Cup semi-finalist reception.  Teralytix is one of ten semi-finalists competing for up to $65k in cash, broad recognition and business model validation.

“Teralytix is a group of business intelligence professionals and academics who have created a new method of estimating demand called Economic Intelligence. Economic Intelligence utilizes various industry and trade sources to estimate and forecast growth or recession of regional and local economies. Teralytix forecasts monthly demand for your products and services at county and trade area levels. By revealing the most relevant, accurate and current economic insights available, Teralytix enables you and your team to focus more on managing opportunities and less on reacting to problems.”