Local startup launches new UBERFAN baseball app


UBERFANUBER Pro Baseball USA first came on the radar last summer when they disclosed intentions of raising $750k for a social media platform for baseball fans.

A year later, they’ve banked $800k in angel funding and brought their first product, UBERFAN BASEBALL app for iOS to market.  Co founders Terrence Barthel and Jeff Ess believe they’ve created the mother of all baseball apps.

“We’re is on a mission to provide fans with apps to capture, share and find sports better than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google, combined,” says CEO Barthel.

The apps functionality begins with the native camera and filter feature, enabling fans to create a custom digital baseball card. Auto-tags sync photos and comments to related plays in the game timeline thanks to a partnership with peer sports tech startup SportsData. This leverages meta data to create an intelligent and searchable database when married together.

social + meta data combination includes: date and time, media type, game, play, team, player and stat.  While UBERFAN BASEBALL is social on the outside, it’s all data on the inside, and they claim over 30k images already archived.


“UBERFAN combines the instant qualities of social media with the enduring qualities of search engines,” Barthel explains.   “This makes every perspective and baseball moment easily searchable for every fan and generations to come. And while we don’t necessarily want to compete with ESPN, what if we could make the visual wiki of baseball?” Ess asks.

The iOS app is currently free to download and experience, with a premium price for upgradable filters, emoticons, and search statistics.  Barthel says they are in conversations with various “sports personalities and industry experts” regarding marketing and awareness for their app, and also looking ahead into other potential sports markets.