MinneDemo 14 presenters announced


MinneDemoMinneDemo, Minnesota’s quintessential ‘show and tell’ for geeks, is right around the corner – happening this Thursday evening at the Juene Lune in Minneapolis.

“MinneDemo is for real, working technology products made in Minnesota. Demos are 7 minutes long and PowerPoint IS NOT ALLOWED. We like to think that geeks and those interested in what they are doing (i.e., investors, media organizations, etc) will enjoy an event centered on seeing what the local scene is up to and networking before, during, and afterward with food and drinks. It’s an energizing and informative evening.”

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, here’s a glimpse at seven the presentations in store:

Freshvine – Software designed to help Churches/Non-Profits stay focused on their mission of engaging and serving people.

Chooseatron – An interactive fiction arcade machine designed to encourage interest in electronics, creative writing, and game design in kids and adults alike.

SportsMonster – A sports enterprise content management system and social network powered by ScoreMonster Engine www.mnbaseball.org

WanderWheel – Wander is an interactive adventure-finding application that uses your location to create a whimsical goal-based itinerary

mspbus – real-time bus arrivals in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area

TasteMapper – analyzes thousands of data points pulled from Last.fm and creates visual relationships between popular artists.

Kona – a realtime collaboration tool that combines work and personal productivity management across a range of platforms and devices.